We have 4 spacious rooms specially designed to meet the development needs of all children aged 3 months – 5 years.
Our 4 rooms are Panda (Babies Room), Teddy (Toddlers Room), Croc (Pre-school Room) and Sensory Room.

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Panda Room (3-24 Months)

Our panda room is for children under 2 years old and in this room, we mainly focus on 3 prime Areas, of The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

• Physical Development,
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• Communication and Language

Staff plan activities for their individual key children with the aim of encouraging their development across the 3 main learning zones.
The room offers complete care for each child throughout the day. This includes a nappy changing area, milk kitchen, along with sleeping facilities. We provide comfortable sleeping mattresses. Sleep time is normally had after lunch and all children have a bag labelled with their name, inside the bag are blankets and sheets which are washed every Friday.
The panda room is equipped with different types of toys, sensory, wooden, sorting & stacking, puzzles, and many more fun things to explore as our babies learn best when they are discovering the world around them. There are sand and water available for the children to play with throughout the day, also messy play activities are planned for the babies to get involved in.
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Teddy Room (24-36 Months)

teddy bear
Teddy room is for children under 3-year olds. Children start to actively participate in all 7 areas of the Early Year Foundations stage the curriculum in a very fun and exciting way.

• Mathematics
• Literacy
• Communication and language
• Personal, social, and emotional development
• Physical development
• Understanding of the world
• Expressive arts and design

In this room sand and water trays are available throughout the day for children to investigate; construction toys and transport toys for those who like to build and move around. The room also has a role play area with kitchen units, food utensils, and lots of dress-ups. Children are encouraged to participate in creative activities and messy play are planned to ensure the learning and development of younger children.
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Croc Room (3-5 Years)

In Croc room, we encourage children to experience all the 7 areas of learning within the Early Year Foundations stage. There are adults lead activities to teach basic literacy and maths skills such as how to write their names and identify letters of the alphabet, along with recognising their numbers. There are also lots of child-initiated activities going on throughout the day aimed at giving them the freedom to express and create independently.
Our children are encouraged to become confident learners and motivated to achieve their full potential. We believe that our children have a right to an Early Year Foundation education which prepares them for their next steps in their educational journey.
We provide opportunities for pre-schoolers to develop the skills they need to settle into a big school, and to make new friends. Our key focus is on the children’s independence this is achieved by teaching them skills like how to put on their coats, going to the toilet, scraping their own plates at mealtimes, and tidying the toys. Staff members are always on their hands to help and give encouragement when required.
All our children throughout the day go on day trips to the local park or for walks to learn about how to cross the road, stranger danger, and the importance of holding hands with adults.
Time in the Croc room ends with a real Graduation Ceremony complete with gowns and certificates. A special time to say farewell to those children heading off to school. The ceremony culminates with a party to celebrate their achievements and their time with us.
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Sensory Room

sensory room

Our sensory room offers a magical environment which is filled with lights, colour, different textures, adventure walls and sound. The space is used to inspire, engage, and relax children. Inside the room children will be able to engage their 5 senses – what they see, hear, touch/feel, smell, and taste.

We understand sensory experiences help to fire children’s brains, and this leads to huge learning opportunities and development.

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