The team at Totally Kidz are professional, committed, and enthusiastic. We ensure that our professionalism and qualifications are matched to each area of the nursery. Our staff are highly knowledgeable with many years of experience. They possess a high understanding of the needs of the children and always provide great creativity in the rooms.
Each child in our setting has a key worker who takes full responsibility for their personal care and learning development. The key worker’s role is to ensure that every child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs. Activities are planned to ensure learning and development. The key workers form a strong bond between the nursery and home.
We have created an amazing environment that will allow the children to flourish and develop. Our aim is to ensure they grow into a happy, caring, and confident little people.

We pride ourselves on our well planned and organised environment, which provides a rich and stimulating experience for all the children. 

boy drawing

Working with our parents is very important to us, and for the development of your child. As result, we have Baby’s Day App online where we update each child’s progress daily. This includes things such as meals they have eaten, sleeping time and general overview notes of what they have done through the day. Each week the key worker will upload at least one observation from each of their key children giving you an opportunity to track their developments with us. The most amazing part of the app is that there is a gallery of photos taken of your child and a space for you to upload photos and comments.

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