Code of Conduct for Staff, Volunteers & children


The Code of Conduct forms part of an employee’s contract. Totally Kidz Day Nursery acknowledge that we have a duty of care toward our staff and volunteers and this document aims to support our staff (both paid and voluntary) to follow safe working practices. Failure to comply with the associated policies may result in disciplinary action being taken and the organisation reserves the right to take legal action against employees where breaches of the Code warrant such action. Parents, children and all stakeholders are entitled to expect the highest standards of conduct from all our staff, and it is regarded as an essential part of the warm welcoming ethos of our organisation. As adults the staff at Totally Kidz Day Nursery, we have a duty of care towards the children. The Organisation also acknowledges a duty of care towards its employees and supports and encourages staff to follow safe working practices. The aim of this Policy is to provide guidelines which will help us maintain and improve standards and protect all our staff from any misunderstandings or criticism.


We expect all our staff to provide high levels of care and if necessary, advice to parents and other members of staff. Staff will be expected, by following agreed procedures and without fear of blame, to bring to the attention of the Manager any deficiency in the standards. If it is the Manager who is causing the concern, then the Whistle-blowing Policy may be followed.
Duty of care towards children Staff have a duty of care towards children and should remember that the welfare of the child should always come first. Staff must: • adhere to the Safeguarding Policy, First aid Policy and Administering Medicines Policy. Non-
compliance will be viewed as Gross Misconduct. • take responsibility for recording and reporting any incident, which may result in being
misinterpreted and/or an allegation being made. • be clear about the purpose of any activity, which involves photography or video of children.
Staff must not take, display or distribute images of children, unless they have consent to do
so. • report any behaviour by colleagues that raises concerns, by following Organisation’s Whistle
Blowing Policy. • refer when/where necessary to the setting’s key documents including: Child Protection
policy, Data Protection policy, Equal Opportunities policy,
Whistle-Blowing policy and Behaviour Management Policy. General behaviour • Never use any kind of physical punishment or chastisement such as smacking or hitting. • Never behave in a way that frightens or demeans any child or young person. • Do not use racist, sexist, homophobic or other discriminatory or offensive language. • Do seek opportunities for training • Staff should provide an example of good conduct that you wish others to follow. • Staff should not raise their voices in front of children. • Staff should only restrain children for their own safety or the safety of others. • Adults and children have a responsibility to treat each other with dignity and respect. • Staff should be able to tune into the children’s physical, verbal and gesture/sign language, to
understand and interpret what is being expressed. • We encourage all staff to challenge any behaviour (staff, parent, child) that goes against this
ethos • Ensure that your behaviour at work or outside does not cause embarrassment to Totally Kidz
Day Nursery or reflect negatively on the Organisation in a way that would bring its reputation
into disrepute or cause a loss of public confidence. This includes through the use of social
networking sites.

Disclosure of Information

At Totally Kidz Day Nursery, we pride ourselves on open communication; however, when information is necessarily confidential it should only be made available on a “need to know” basis

Appearance & Dress Code

The appearance which we present to each other and parents and visitors is important and impacts. Our expectation of all staff is that they conform to standards of dress as befits the profession. Staff should wear all black top and bottom and black flat shoes for a consistent uniform. Although many styles of dress are acceptable for the manager, she/ he should dress appropriately for the job and give a positive image.

Drugs, Alcohol & Smoking

Except for medical reasons, employees must not take any substances that might affect their work. No staff should consume or be under the influence of drink/drugs during their hours of work. No smoking is permitted on or near our premises.

Hospitality, Gifts & Sponsorship

Staff should not accept significant personal gifts from outside suppliers or hospitality that might give rise to suspicion or concern. Offers to attend purely or mainly social or sporting functions should only be accepted when the function is part of the staff working life or when the organisation is being represented, or when it is clear that the hospitality is corporate rather than personal. When an outside agency wishes to sponsor an activity, particular care must be taken if dealing with any potential contractor, or when any partner, spouse or relative of a member of staff might benefit.
Generally staff should not give children or young people presents or personal items. The exception to this would be a custom such as buying children a small birthday token or leaving present. Both types of gifts should come from the organisation and be agreed with the manager and the parent.

Mobile Phones

In relation to use of mobile phones and use of digital equipment, below are our best practise guidelines: 1. All staff mobile phones should not be carried on the person or within the activity rooms; they should be stored in staffs’ lockers and turned on silent. 2. The organisation’s main telephone number should be used as the main point of contact for staff in an emergency. 3. The use of mobile phones being carried on a person or used in the activity room will result in a disciplinary procedure. 4. It is the responsibility of the manager/deputy to delete all photographs stored on a digital camera after transfer to the computer for printing purposes. 5. It is the responsibility of the settings manager/ deputy to approve photographs for use on displays and for marketing purposes

Social network, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Social networks should be personal to the staff member, staff shouldn’t comment on their work place, colleagues, Parents or children from the nursery. There should never be photos of Totally Kidz Day Nursery classes or the children who attend the classes on a staff member’s profile. Staff should insure that their profiles are “private” and not accessible for everyone to see. Any staff found doing any of the above, will be subject to a disciplinary procedure.

Promote equality and Diversity

Diversity is a tremendous asset at Totally Kidz Day Nursery and we are committed to providing equality of opportunity and will not tolerate any illegal discrimination or harassment based on race, colour, religion, sex, national origin or any other class

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