Celebrations & Festivals

At Totally Kidz we believed Festivals and cultural celebrations are great vehicle to engaging young children in learning and understanding the world. Celebrations are an ideal way to encourage children to investigate things and talk about kindness in others, respect of other’s cultural and religious beliefs as well as celebrating one another’s achievements.
In the month of October, we celebrated Black History Month where our staff focused on Elmer book written by David McKee. Elmer is a patchwork elephant with a colourful personality. Elmer’s book teaches children about diversity and equality as it focuses on our differences, these include ethnicity, heritage, accents, body size and shape, as well as how we dress differently.
On the 23rd October we had our language and culture day where children, and staff were encouraged to wear their countries national dress, so we could celebrate the diversity of cultures and nationalities. Staff brought in their national dishes and our cook made traditional food for children in the nursery.
It was great fun day, enjoyed by all children and staff.

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